Building an Affordable Yet Impressive Watch Collection

Crafting a Watch Collection Without the Luxury Price Tag

The world of horology is often associated with luxury and high price tags, but building an impressive watch collection doesn’t necessarily require deep pockets. A true watch enthusiast knows that the value of a timepiece isn’t solely defined by its cost but by its craftsmanship, design, and the story it tells. This article explores a range of affordable watches, each with its unique charm and character, perfect for starting or expanding a watch collection on a budget.

Diving into Diversity: Affordable Diver Watches

Seiko SKX007: The Beloved Diver

Design and Build

The Seiko SKX007, priced around $300, is a quintessential diver watch with a loyal following. It features a classic diver design with a 42mm diameter case that suits a variety of wrist sizes. The black dial and bezel are both functional and legible, with large luminous markers for visibility underwater.

Movement and Functionality

Powered by Seiko’s 7S26 automatic movement, the SKX007 offers reliability without the need for battery changes. However, this movement does lack hand-winding and hacking capabilities – aspects some enthusiasts might miss. The watch provides a substantial 200-meter water resistance, making it suitable for serious diving.


While celebrated for its robustness and value, the SKX007’s bracelet is often critiqued for feeling a bit cheap compared to the watch itself. Additionally, the hardlex crystal, while durable, is more prone to scratches than sapphire crystal.

Orient Mako II: Understated Elegance

Design and Aesthetics

Priced similarly to the SKX007, the Orient Mako II offers a slightly more refined look with its sleek case and polished finishes. The watch comes with a day-date function, adding to its practicality, and the dial design is straightforward yet elegant, suitable for both diving and everyday wear.

Technical Features

The Mako II is equipped with Orient’s F6922 in-house automatic movement, which is an improvement over its predecessor, offering hand-winding and hacking. Its 200-meter water resistance is on par with the SKX007, making it a competent diver watch.


The Mako II’s mineral crystal is less scratch-resistant than sapphire, a common compromise at this price point. Additionally, some users might find the bezel action a bit less smooth compared to higher-end dive watches.

Elegant Dress Watches on a Budget

Timex Marlin: A Nod to Vintage Sophistication

Timeless Design

The Timex Marlin, priced around $200, captures the essence of mid-century elegance. Its 34mm case size and simple, clean dial make it a true classic. The watch features a sleek, stainless steel case and a domed acrylic crystal that adds to its vintage charm.

Movement and Practicality

Equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement, the Marlin offers a traditional watch-wearing experience. This aspect, however, means regular winding is necessary – a task some might find charming, while others may see it as a chore. The watch’s water resistance is limited, making it more suitable for formal occasions than rugged use.


The acrylic crystal, while authentic to the vintage style, is more prone to scratches compared to modern sapphire crystals. Additionally, the watch’s modest size might not appeal to those who prefer larger, more contemporary watch sizes.

Tissot Everytime: Understated Elegance

Design and Versatility

Priced around $250, the Tissot Everytime showcases Swiss minimalism at its best. The watch features a clean and understated dial with a 42mm case, making it versatile for various wrist sizes and occasions. It’s equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a rarity in this price segment.

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic 40mm

Movement and Reliability

The Everytime is powered by a Swiss quartz movement, ensuring accuracy and reliability with minimal maintenance. The absence of mechanical complications makes it a straightforward, no-fuss choice for those who value simplicity and precision.


While the quartz movement offers practicality, it lacks the allure of a mechanical movement that many watch enthusiasts seek. Additionally, the watch’s minimalistic design, though elegant, might be too simple for those who prefer more intricate dials or additional functionalities like a date display.

Chronographs: Affordable Functionality

Seiko SSB031: A Sporty and Versatile Chronograph

Robust Design and Features

Priced around $175, the Seiko SSB031 stands out with its sporty design and practical features. It boasts a 40mm stainless steel case, a black dial with contrasting chronograph sub-dials, and a date display. The watch is equipped with a hardlex crystal and offers 100-meter water resistance, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Movement and Usability

The SSB031 is powered by Seiko’s Caliber 6T63 quartz chronograph movement. While quartz movements lack the appeal of mechanical chronographs for some enthusiasts, they offer precision and reliability with minimal maintenance. The chronograph function is user-friendly, making it a great choice for those new to the world of chronographs.


While the Seiko SSB031 provides excellent value, the use of a hardlex crystal, which is less scratch-resistant than sapphire, and the absence of a more prestigious mechanical movement might be viewed as downsides by some collectors.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph: Solar-Powered Precision

Innovative Eco-Drive Technology

The Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph, priced around $200, is notable for its Eco-Drive technology, which powers the watch using light. This means no battery replacements, enhancing the watch’s appeal for environmentally conscious consumers. The design is modern and versatile, suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Functional and User-Friendly

This chronograph features a stainless steel case, typically around 42mm, and a clear dial layout with a date function. The Eco-Drive movement is known for its accuracy and reliability. The chronograph function adds to its practicality, making it a great all-rounder.

Points to Consider

The watch’s reliance on light for power is innovative, but it may require more frequent exposure to light to keep it running compared to traditional battery-powered quartz watches. Additionally, the styling, while versatile, might not stand out for those seeking a more distinctive or classic chronograph design.

Field Watches: Rugged and Reliable Companions

Hamilton Khaki Field: A Blend of History and Functionality

Military Heritage with Modern Appeal

Priced around $500, the Hamilton Khaki Field is a nod to the brand’s military heritage, offering a blend of ruggedness and classic style. It features a 38mm to 42mm stainless steel case, a legible dial with a 24-hour layout, and luminous hands and markers for easy reading in low-light conditions.

Mechanical and Quartz Variations

The Khaki Field comes in both mechanical and quartz versions. The mechanical variant is powered by Hamilton’s reliable H-10 movement, offering an 80-hour power reserve – an impressive feature at this price point. The quartz version offers practicality and accuracy for those who prefer a more maintenance-free option.

Durability and Versatility

With its sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 100 meters, the Khaki Field is built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Its straightforward design makes it versatile enough for outdoor adventures and casual everyday wear, though some may find it too utilitarian for formal occasions.

Casio G-Shock: The Ultimate in Durability

Unmatched Toughness

The Casio G-Shock series, with models starting around $50, is synonymous with toughness. Known for its shock-resistant design, the G-Shock can handle extreme conditions, making it a favorite among adventurers and military personnel.

Features and Functionality

G-Shock watches come packed with features like solar power, world time, stopwatches, and alarms. While they are digital watches, their robust build and practicality make them an essential part of any affordable watch collection.

Styling and Size

G-Shocks are known for their bold, often bulky designs, which might not suit all tastes or fit under a shirt cuff easily. However, their distinctive look and reliability make them an excellent choice for a durable, functional timepiece.

Vintage-Inspired Timepieces: Affordable Nostalgia

Bulova Computron: A Retro-Futuristic Classic

Unique Design and Display

The Bulova Computron, priced around $300, stands out with its distinctive trapezoidal case and LED display, reminiscent of the 1970s digital watch craze. It features a side-mounted time display, giving it a unique futuristic look combined with vintage charm.

Modern Take on a Vintage Concept

While the original Computron was a product of its era, the reissued version incorporates modern technology with improved LED display and quartz movement. Its unconventional design might not be for everyone, but it certainly appeals to those who appreciate retro aesthetics and digital watch history.


The Computron’s unusual design and digital display might not align with traditional watch aesthetic preferences. Additionally, its readability can vary depending on lighting conditions, a common trait with LED displays.

Orient Bambino: Timeless Elegance on a Budget

Classic Design with Contemporary Flair

The Orient Bambino series, with prices starting around $120, offers a range of models that capture the essence of classic dress watches. These watches feature domed crystals, clean dials with elegant hands and markers, and come in various case sizes to suit different preferences.

Automatic Movement at an Accessible Price

A standout feature of the Bambino is its in-house automatic movement, offering a mechanical watch experience at an affordable price. The watches have a 40-hour power reserve and exhibit a level of craftsmanship that exceeds their price point.

Style Versatility

The Bambino’s timeless design makes it versatile for both casual and formal wear, though its dressier look might not appeal to those who prefer sportier or more rugged styles. The domed crystal adds to the vintage feel but can be more prone to scratches than flat sapphire crystals.

The Art of Affordable Watch Collecting

Creating a watch collection is an expression of personal taste and an appreciation for the art of watchmaking. As we’ve explored, building a remarkable collection doesn’t necessarily hinge on having a hefty budget. Watches like the Seiko SKX007, Orient Mako II, Timex Marlin, Tissot Everytime, Seiko SSB031, Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph, Hamilton Khaki Field, Casio G-Shock, Bulova Computron, and Orient Bambino demonstrate that affordability and quality can coexist.

Beyond Price: Value in Craftsmanship and Design

Each of these watches brings something unique to the table – from the rugged durability of diver and field watches to the elegant simplicity of dress watches, and the nostalgic allure of vintage-inspired timepieces. They prove that the value of a watch collection lies not in the price of each piece but in the craftsmanship, design, and the joy they bring to the wearer.

A Collection that Tells a Story

An affordable watch collection can be as diverse and rich in history as any. It’s about curating pieces that resonate with your style, tell a story, or mark a special moment. Whether it’s the functional reliability of a G-Shock or the classic elegance of a Bambino, each watch adds a chapter to your personal horological journey.

Encouraging Exploration and Discovery

For those beginning their journey into watch collecting or looking to expand their collection without significant investment, the options are plentiful. The world of watches is vast and varied, and exploring it can be as rewarding as it is fascinating.

In the end, collecting watches is about celebrating time – through designs that endure, mechanics that fascinate, and styles that express who we are. An affordable watch collection is not just about value; it’s about discovering the stories, the mechanics, and the beauty of timekeeping, one watch at a time.

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